How To Study Overseas In Australia: 6 Proven Ways to Get Your Desired International Education

Choosing the right destination for your study overseas can be exciting. It can be overwhelming to settle for a country for your educational journey, but it is rewarding when you finally do so, especially if that country is Australia.

International students can study overseas in Australia and enjoy top-notch education and unique cultural experiences. Australia has emerged as a top choice for students looking to study abroad for some notable reasons.

What Are The Benefits Of Studying In Australia As An International Student?

You’ll enjoy numerous benefits as an international student studying in Australia. Here are some of them;

1. Top-notch Education

Australia boasts some of the world’s most prestigious universities. About 38 Australian institutions were ranked within the top 100 in the 2023 QS World University Rankings. A big leap from 5 in 2021.

In Australia, a coalition of leading research-intensive universities is known as the Group of Eight (Go8). This group includes the Australian National University, the University of Sydney, the University of Melbourne, and the University of Queensland, among others. 

2. Career-Focussed Programs

Starting a career as an international student in Australia is quite challenging. This is why Australian universities provide an array of courses and programs to impart extensive knowledge to students. 

These programs are specially designed for students. They cover workplace communication skills, critical thinking skills, and in-demand knowledge. Students are also provided the opportunity to participate in any projects hosted by the university.

It is exciting to know that career-focused programs are offered for international students who want to study overseas in Australia.

3. Friendly and Inclusive Environment

Australians are renowned for their welcoming nature. This nature creates an ideal atmosphere for international students who may struggle to feel at home in their new surroundings. 

Australia is a deeply multicultural country, with people from over 200 countries calling Australia home. 

This rich cultural diversity creates a tolerant and inclusive environment where students can learn about different cultures and traditions. The inclusive environment in Australia fosters lifelong friendships.

Australia is known for its strong support of international students. Many universities and communities offer dedicated services and resources to help international students adjust to life in a new country. 

4. Alluring Landscapes

Australia is a beautiful nation. Its natural beauty is unparalleled. It has stunning beaches, vast deserts, lush rainforests, and iconic landmarks like the Great Barrier Reef and Uluru. 

You don’t just get to study; you also get to experience the lavish beauty of the country. Students who study overseas in Australia have the chance to explore these breathtaking landscapes. 

They are also allowed to participate in a wide range of outdoor activities, such as surfing, hiking, scuba diving, and wildlife watching.

Students can create unforgettable memories while they study in Australia.

5. Affordable High Standard Living

Australia is relatively affordable for international students despite being one of the most beautiful countries in the world. 

The cost of living in Australia is relatively cheaper than in other popular developed nations like the United States and the United Kingdom. 

Australia also offers a strong economy with a low unemployment rate In addition to its high-quality living conditions. It is an excellent destination for students seeking part-time work or internships during their studies. 

As an International student, you can work shifts of up to 40 hours per fortnight while studying. This will allow you to study, acquire work experience, and earn extra income to support your living expenses. 

There are many more benefits of studying overseas in Australia. You can gain post-study work opportunities and also have the chance to thrive in a safe and secure environment.

What are the requirements to study overseas in Australia?

Just like in every other country, you must meet the requirements as an international student before you can study overseas in Australia. 

1. English language requirements

Your proficiency in the English language must be up to standard. The Department of Home Affairs may require that you provide evidence of your proficiency to obtain a student visa.  

2. Student visa

To be eligible to study in Australia, you must apply for and be successful in securing a student visa subclass 500. This visa allows you to stay in Australia for up to 5 years. It gives you enough time for full-time study in an eligible course of study.

3. Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

Privatehealth categorically states that as a student from overseas on a temporary student visa, you must maintain adequate health insurance for the duration of your stay in Australia. 

You are required to purchase Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) and keep your policy up to date while you are in Australia with your student visa.

OSHC policies assist in covering the cost of hospital and medical treatment. Benefits are also paid for ambulance services.

As an international student, you are required to obtain Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) before arriving in the country. This covers the entire duration of your study in Australia.

How Can You Study Overseas In Australia As An International Student?

As soon as you’re done getting the requirements ready, the next thing is to start the process that will lead you to study overseas in Australia. Below is a list of processes you should follow:

1. Choose your program

Choosing your program is the first step to your dream education. In choosing, you must be clear on what type of profession you’re going for.

Australia offers all the degrees you can ask for; the choice is yours to make. You can choose from a variety of courses. from medicine to law. IT management to business administration. there is quite a variety to choose from. 

2. Check the admission requirements 

Check for the admission requirements of the course and institution you chose. Different admission requirements may apply to different disciplines and universities. 

You must do thorough online research to know the right requirements. Next, create a plan and contact the university of your choice via email or phone to learn more. 

The Australian Embassy in your country will be happy to provide you with all relevant information. You can ask them.

3. Prepare the necessary documents 

The list of documents you need to prepare includes;

  • Transcripts of your previous education, copies of your passport or ID, and recent photos.
  • You sign the application form. 
  • Proof of language competency in English.
  • The application fee (if needed).
  • The Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) document.
  • Your Overseas Student Health Cover insurance (OSHC). 
  • Statement that proves your financial funds to support your studies.
  • Letters of recommendation or motivational letters such as the Genuine Temporary Entrant document (GTE).
  • A clean criminal record signed by the police authorities. 

4. Submit your application 

You can apply on your own through the ImmiAccount application system or an official external agent. 

You just have to follow the instructions on the ImmAccount site if you’re applying on your own.

5. Apply for an Australian student visa

After receiving the acceptance letter from the university you applied to, you can apply for your Australian student visa. 

At this point, you are officially registered as an international student in Australia. Congratulations are in order. 

It is best to start with the visa process as soon as you get your letter of acceptance. The procedure takes time. 

6. Arrive in Australia

Kudos! It’s time to pack your bags. Don’t forget to include your winter jackets and summer clothes, depending on the location of your studies. 

Look for accommodation, even short-term ones. Book an airplane ticket and head to Australia. 

You’re about to have yourself an unforgettable study experience.


Australia offers a unique blend of world-class education and a friendly and inclusive environment. 

It also offers breathtaking landscapes, a high standard of living, and post-study work opportunities. This makes it an ideal destination for students studying abroad. Australia should top your list if you’re considering options for an international education experience.

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